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My life...my story...

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My life, my dreams, my story.

Its all about me
*She is 25 years old (old much!) ♣ graduated from Leeds uni with a degree in Japanese and Chinese ♣ now back at home in the chavvy town of Telford ♣ working in the office of a well known Bank (not allowed to say..sssshh) ♣ is a bit of a shorty at 5"1 ♣ is known to have many blonde moments ♣ procrastinates far too much ♣ drinks too much tea to be healthy ♣ hopes to work abroad one day ♣ is prone to spending a bit too much ♣ hates Ipods ♣ wishes she could play the guitar well ♣ has a weakness for rugby boys ♣ is obsessed with her Nintendo DS and Wii ♣

Much love for:
dirty pretty indie boys ♥ living in her pjs ♥ spending money on pretty things ♥ watching Family Guy, South Park and American Dad ♥ being extremely geeky and playing Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts ♥ going to gigs ♥ being with her friends ♥ travelling to new and different places ♥ playing on her DS ♥ increasing her DVD collection ♥ sudoku ♥ just listening to music ♥ hugs and kisses ♥ huge sunglasses ♥ eating ♥ lieing in bed ♥ receiving parcels & letters ♥ just driving

PS. Thanks to Neskayanet for the layout & diamonds_style for the profile layout. ^_^

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